Our Vision

We provide a quality focused, inspired, value for money, unrivalled expertise and committed approach to your needs; always maintaining customer satisfaction with our integrity and professionalism.

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About Us

Forensic Scientific is a leading independent Defence Consultancy and Forensic/Scientific services provider.

We provide a Firearms, Gunshot Residue (GSR), Scientific and Tool Marks National Defence consultancy.

Instructed by Solicitors, Barristers, Police Forces, Companies and Private Individuals we offer a single point of contact to provide essential continuity throughout each case.

We provide a quality focused, value for money and unrivalled expertise approach to each of our clients. Continually seeking to offer our services in a cost effective manner and realising the importance of high customer satisfaction.

Forensic Scientific also pride ourselves on being a commercial service that supports National, International, local Forensic and Industry initiatives. Providing a unique combination and correlation of techniques and applications used in both ‘Forensic’ and ‘Scientific’ disciplines, we are also committed to research and development.

We are able to travel to any location within the UK, Ireland and worldwide to visit scenes, laboratories, police stations, courts and any other premises if required.

Our team is headed by Philip Boyce, Firearm and Tool Mark examiner and includes other internationally recognised scientists.

To read about Philip Boyce’s experience and qualifications please click here