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Case Studies  

David Bain found not guilty on five counts of murder after 13 years in prison

David Cullen Bain (born 27 March 1972) is a New Zealander who featured in one of the country's most notable murder cases. He was convicted in May 1995 of the murders of his parents and three siblings in Dunedin on 20 June the previous year. After 13 years in prison, David Bain was found not guilty at his retrial.

After months of painstaking scientific experimentations and calculations, Philip Boyce was able to support the defence theory that Robin Bain, the defendants father, could have gunned down his family, before turning the gun on himself. Philip carried out a courtroom demonstration to show that Robin Bain could indeed have shot himself.

This evidence was crucial for the defence as part of the prosecutions case rested on the supposition that Robin Bain could not have shot himself. For further information on this case:

To read the national 9.00pm news report on the case, TVNZ May 18th 2009: Click here

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Scientist Proves Rifle Shot Schoolboy

This controversial case examined by a Forensic Service Provider in 2005, was the wounding of a child in his school playground. This case involved 14 different Firearms, none of which could be excluded from the incident by the Forensic provider. Philip Boyce, with the use of the IBIS system, 3D analysis and by intensive comparison macroscopy, provided a conclusive link to one of the questioned Firearms and excluded the others. He also reconstructed the scene and the injuries to the child for court demonstration purposes. He was awarded a commendation for this work in 2009.

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