Our Vision

We provide a quality focused, inspired, value for money, unrivalled expertise and committed approach to your needs; always maintaining customer satisfaction with our integrity and professionalism.

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Overview of Services

Please find below a summary of the services Forensic Scientific offer:

  • Defence examination of Firearms, GSR (Gunshot Residue) and Tool Marks associated cases within the UK and Internationally. For more information please click here

  • Training and awareness in Forensic Firearms, Tool marks and Macroscopy. For more information please click here

  • Weapons Classification (Standard and Enhanced) under UK and European Firearms legislation

  • Specialist Firearms examination including conversions

  • Ammunition examination

  • Function testing and evaluation

  • Recovery of Test-Fire material (Bullets and cartridge cases)

  • Bullet and cartridge case comparisons

  • Distance (range of fire) determinations

  • Specialist Scientific and Technical advice

  • Crime scene examinations

  • Interpretation of Gunshot BPA

  • Technical support and advice at Post-Mortems

  • Call out facility

  • Expert witness testimony

  • Muzzle Energy (Kinetic energy) measurements and evaluation of air weapons for private individuals

  • Muzzle Energy (Kinetic energy) measurements and evaluation of air weapons, firearms and ammunition

  • Ballistic testing of materials

  • Tool Mark examinations and comparisons

  • Restoration of serial numbers

  • enigmaTAG™ identifications. For more information please click here

  • Other non Forensic Applications

For further information, pricing or clarification on any of the services listed above please click here